Read about some of the wonderful places and people Henry's had the chance to hang out with! Also see some great photos of the events and travels Henry's had and many of the super dancers who have attended Henry's classes along the way!


Southern California Tour 2000
Leontine Court Sessions 2001
Summer Fun Tour 2003
Southern California Tour 2004
Temptin' Tour 2005
Library Line Dance 2005
Bear Party 2006
Boots 'N' Buckles 2006
Celebrate Fremont 2006
Tucson Country Fiesta 2006
Monday Night Line Dance 2006-2007
Southland Mall 2007
10 Years Of Dancin' Fun Events 2007
Mama's Words Debut 2008
Grand National Rodeo 2008
Centennial Western Chili Cookoff 2008
Bear Party 2008
Reading Rodeo 2008
95.7 Wolf Halloween Freak Fest 2008
Togetherness Debut 2009
Jamie O'Neal & Henry Costa Concert 2009
Due West & Henry Costa Concert 2009
Henry's Summer Events 2009
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